Take the Lead

The Leadership Development Academy of Rock County is an opportunity to learn about our local history, economy, arts and government. Realize your potential to make a difference in your community!

LDA Class of 2014-15

About Us

The Leadership Development Academy of Rock County is comprised of individuals, businesses and organizations interested in positively impacting our communities by providing a personal and professional empowerment experience for aspiring leaders.

What We Believe

The future of our community is predicated on the capabilities of those individuals who assume leadership roles within the next 10 years. Knowledge and understanding of the community, its people and its needs is one of the most important traits for those who play active roles in shaping our community-based organizations, businesses and governmental organizations. The Leadership Development Academy of Rock County prepares leaders of all ages and helps them find their niche within the community.

The Program

LDA participants meet in early September for an orientation session with the program facilitator, followed by a high-ropes course retreat. The program continues with one full-day session per month, from October through May.

Sessions explore the Rock County community and promote leadership skills using tours, guest speakers, mock sessions, case studies, role-playing, multimedia presentations and more.

Each participant works within a small group to produce a collaborative project that addresses a specific community need. Many of these projects have made Janesville, Beloit and all of Rock County a better place to live, work and play.

The program concludes with a graduation celebration in May, but LDA does not end. We have an active and engaged alumni base, which is always invited to participate in committees, social events and LDA-led volunteer projects!