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LDA kicks off each year on a ‘high’ note

Joe Jimenez

Joe Jimenez (photo from his 2012 LDA graduation)

Leadership Development Academy of Rock County participants experience low and high ropes course activities very early in the program. The daylong session challenges them in various ways, introduces them to the program’s goals, and helps them get to know one another in a team-building environment.

Below, Joe Jimenez, LDA Class of 2012 graduate and current Leadership Development Academy Board Member (who also shot and edited this video), shares his ropes course memories and finds parallels in what he witnessed this year:

“Looking back on my LDA year, one memory that stands out most to me is the high ropes course that kicked off our LDA experience. In 2011 this was a two-day, overnight experience and the first time I got to see my fellow LDA participants.

“Our first day was spent learning where we stood on the Myers Briggs test and how to best deal with those who scored differently. This test has been replaced with Real Colors, but serves the same purpose, which is to create a diverse team moving forward for the year.

“We spent our second day in the woods working on team-building exercises and ending with a trip through the high ropes. I still remember the real fear some of my fellow participants had and the support they received from everyone in the group.

“This year as I sat behind my camera and watched this new group of LDA participants heading up the high ropes course, I couldn’t help but notice that there is something about this challenge that continues to bring out the best in people.”

View the LDA Ropes Course Experience video

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